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Immensola _ multi-shelf display system _ 2008
finalist awarded project at "Colorsdesigner" by Gruppo Benetton and

Immensola is a flexible multi-shelf display system with RGB led lighting, selected within the 6 international finalists of Colorsdesigner competition for Benetton Group and

The shelves are fixed one above the other on a movable block, so that they can be removed or positioned into an endless variety of combinations.
The use of Immensola is extremely flexible solution to fit out Points of Purchase.

“Throwing the architectural space into crisis and giving it a back seat to the design of the fittings, we decided to remove the display module from any direct contact with the perimeter wall, thus transforming the perceptive space. Fundamental to the design of IMMENSOLA and the basis of the display system it generates, is the awareness of difference: total autonomy from the principal structure. IMMENSOLA, in any configuration, is always subject to dialogue with the location in which it is placed and takes its justification precisely from the annulment of the space which houses it.”

design: Tommaso Bistacchi in cooperation with Andreas Boccone and Cristian Della Nave


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