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Damasco is a serie of lamps for interiors. This serie includes a table, a wall and a suspension lamp. The idea behind the project is to communicate a new way to think a material like natural stone, which is usually connected with heaviness and opacity. The natural transparency of very thin stone slabs reveals the […]


Ypsilon is a series of coffee tables made of laser cut metal. The particular ‘Y-shaped’ legs realized with two bended metal sheets create a space than can be used to contain books or magazines. The holes on the table top emphatize this new function of the legs. for ManoMano Design design: Tommaso Bistacchi in collaboration […]


Pan is an ironic way to think the coat hanger and the entrance mirror. Pan, in Greek mythology, is the god of shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music. Inspired by the shapes of hunted deer heads, it brings a new message to the user. Reflecting your face, it makes you think […]


Pandora is a coffee table with an integrated space for magazines and a tray. The name takes inspiration by the Pandora’s box and wants to communicate the unexpected space hidden under the tray. The structure of the top is made of Cristalplant, a smooth sculptural shape in pure white which floats on a minimal lightweight […]