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Livspace is a highly innovative, content, community, and e-commerce platform for homeowners and home designers. With us, customers can discover thousands of interior designs for all types of rooms, personalize – by color, material, style – to their liking, and get the exact look for their homes in a matter of weeks. We’re a design […]


Edi comes from the idea of a single block of walnut, perforated and milled so that it can hold pens, crayons, letters and business cards. Edi is a table lamp or rather a sculpture for a desk, conceived to offer soft lighting for reading, which can be adjusted to individual requirements, as the colored metal support holding […]

Modula – modular shower and bathroom system

Modula is an hybrid project for the shower environment with integrated functions. Many different features such as mixer, showerhead, waterjets, RGB lighting, seat, shelf and mirror can be arranged to user’s taste through apposite ‘functional’ tiles. This project is very suitable to architectural and interior design configurations. It is also easily adaptable to every standard solution and it offers […]